Irish teacher reportedly denied job in South Korea due to 'alcoholism nature'

An Irish teacher was reportedly turned down for a job in South Korea due to the 'alcoholism nature' of the Irish people.

Katie Mulrennan, 26, applied for a job on Craigslist to teach in South Korea, but was stunned by the reply she received, the BBC reports.

"Usually when you apply for a job and they don't want you, they don't send a reply," Mulrennan told the BBC. "But this reply was a first. When I got the e-mail, it was so abrupt and short. I actually laughed when I read it initially."

The e-mail said, "I am sorry to inform you that my client does not hire Irish people due to the alcoholism nature of your kind."

Mulrennan, who has taught English in Barcelona, Oxford, Abu Dhabi and South Korea, told the BBC she has since found a new job.

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