Iranian rapper has $100G bounty placed on his head over song

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A $100,000 bounty has been placed on the head of an Iranian rapper after a Shiite website offered a reward for anyone who kills him over a song that satirizes the Islamic Republic, Reuters reports.

The song in question takes the form of a prayer and mentions many Iranian figures, with references ranging from Iranians' love of nose jobs, to economic sanctions, and even the 2009 presidential election, according to Reuters. A senior cleric has reportedly said the rap may merit the death penalty.

Rapper Shahin Najafi, who lives in Germany, is accused of "grossly" insulting Ali al-Hadi al-Naqi, a religious figure highly revered by the Shiite Muslims, according to religious website

Najafi has denied those claims.

"I thought there would be some ramifications. But I didn't think I would upset the regime that much. Now they are taking advantage of the situation and making it look like I was trying to criticize religion and put down believers," Najafi told Deutsche Welle, a German broadcaster.

"For me, it is more of an excuse to talk about completely different things. I also criticize Iranian society in the song. It seems as though people are just concentrating on the word 'imam'."
Iranian officials have not commented on the song, Reuters reports.

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