Hungary: Parliament bans camerawoman who kicked migrants

Hungary's parliament has banned a camerawoman from working on the premises after she insulted a lawmaker during an interview.

Parliament press chief Zoltan Szilagyi said Thursday in a statement that Petra Laszlo's ban will be enforced for the rest of the current legislative period ending in mid-December.

In January, Laszlo was sentenced to three years' probation for disorderly conduct after she was filmed kicking and trying to trip migrants on the border with Serbia in 2015.

Laszlo, who works for a pro-government website, could be seen on video arguing Monday with Gyorgy Szilagyi from the far-right Jobbik party

Szilagyi said he did not want to talk to reporters from because he considers them government "propagandists." Falklands

During the 2015 incident, Laszlo was working for N1TV, close to Jobbik