Greenland's governing Siumut party finished barely ahead of the Arctic island's main opposition group in parliamentary elections in the semi-autonomous Danish territory, and will get the first crack at forming a coalition government.

The social-democratic Siumut won 34.3 percent of the votes, a mere 326 votes over the left-leaning Inuit Ataqatigiit, or IA, which grabbed 33.2 percent, according to official returns Saturday. Each party got 11 of the 31 seats in Inatsisartut, or Parliament.

Two center groups who each got nearly 12 percent each could become kingmakers unless Siumut leader Kim Kielsen attempts teaming up with IA.

The next government will face a series of challenges as the ice-capped country's dreams of a mining boom have failed to materialize and public finances are in worse shape than previously thought.