Germans find no evidence suspect planning attack, no bomb

German police on Wednesday searched the home of a 27-year-old man on suspicion he had explosives stored there but found only firecrackers and no indications he was planning an attack, they said.

Police told local broadcaster RBB that the suspicion the German man from the eastern city of Eisenhuettenstadt might have been planning an attack "hadn't solidified."

The man was arrested earlier Wednesday when Brandenburg state governor Dietmar Woidke said he was suspected of "planning an act of terrorism."

It wasn't immediately clear if he would remain in detention after the search of his apartment turned up only firecrackers and no evidence of a planned attack, the dpa news agency reported.

The incident comes after a string of attacks in Germany last month that put the country on edge.

Two of the attacks in a weeklong period starting July 18 were the first in Germany to be claimed by the Islamic State group: an ax rampage near Wuerzburg that wounded five and a bombing that injured 15 outside a bar in Ansbach. Both attackers, asylum-seekers who arrived over the past two years, were killed.

In two other attacks Islamic extremism was not suspected. Those attacks include the shooting by a German-Iranian 18-year-old in Munich that claimed the life of the assailant and nine others, and the fatal stabbing of a woman by a Syrian asylum-seeker at a restaurant in Reutlingen.