German court rejects woman's request for hotel to ID lover after 2010 fling

A request from a German woman for a hotel to release the identity of a man she spent the night with has been rejected by a Munich court.

The woman and man were together for three nights at the hotel in 2010. She later gave birth to a son and contacted the hotel in order to obtain the man’s full name and address in an attempt to acquire child support. She only knew his first name, Michael.

The hotel shot down her request, saying it could not release the personal information of one of its guests, according to

The hotel also claimed to have had four guests in that time period with the name Michael.

The woman filed a suit to obtain the information from the hotel, but  judges rejected the bid, saying it could breach the privacy of the four men who were staying at the hotel in that period.

The judges said that the woman’s vague description of the man would make it impossible to clearly identify him. The court also questioned if “Michael” was the correct name of the man involved.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.