Gaza sewage spill floods farmland

A sewage reservoir in Gaza has collapsed, flooding about 25 acres (10 hectares) of farmland and sending another warning about the worsening water and sewage crisis in the Hamas-run territory.

On Wednesday, sewer trucks were still draining wastewater pools from groves, chicken farms and beehives in the Sheikh Ejleen neighborhood, in southern Gaza City, a day after one side of the pond collapsed.

Hatem Sheikh Khalil, a deputy mayor, says the municipality has been warning since 2007 that the reservoir was stretched beyond capacity. He called Tuesday's accident "disastrous."

Residents say about 40,000 cubic meters (10.5 million gallons) of raw sewage poured out of the reservoir and flooded the area within 15 minutes.

Farmers tried to salvage cucumbers, eggs and other produce from the water on Wednesday.