French far-right founder pleas for help at party march, bare-chested Femen barge in on show

National Front founder Jean-Marie Le Pen cried out to Joan of Arc for help at the party's annual May Day march while bare-chested Femen activists used a bullhorn to drown out a speech by his daughter, the party president.

Two Femen activists barged into the separate wreath-laying ceremony by his daughter, Marine Le Pen.

The chaotic May Day events reflected a party in turmoil over a family feud between its 86-year-old founder and his daughter, who has pushed him to the sidelines.

During Marine Le Pen's speech at the Paris Opera house, three Femen members appeared on a nearby balcony, unfurling a flag reading "Heil Le Pen" and, using a bullhorn, briefly drowned out her speech decrying immigration and the European Union.