"Fidel Castro is Dead" Email Virus Makes Rounds as Speculation on His Health Grows

Rumors of Fidel Castro's death hit the Twitter circuit Tuesday after a virus-packing email went global depicting the Cuban leader laying in a coffin.

The e-mail malware was masked as a fake breaking news exclusive. The investigative blog  Naked Security, which reports on computer viruses and malware first reported on the "Fidel is Dead" virus-infested email in early August.

Those who receive the email are urged to click to see a video report, but doing so infects their machine.

The "Fidel is Dead" spam has received an new lease on life due to recent speculation about the ex-Cuban leader's heath.

In an opinion column published on Tuesday in the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal, Nelson Bocaranda writes:

"Fidel Castro's health situation has become more complicated and is the reason why President Hugo Chavez decided not to go back to Cuba to continue to receive chemotherapy and instead decided to go to Hospital Militar Carlos Arvelo in Caracas for his fourth dose of chemo."

Rumors surrounding Castro's health are common and especially hit a fever pitch in 2006 and 2007.  Castro's health status has long been considered a Cuban state secret.

Nonetheless, it appears the Castro spam is still making its rounds.

Tuesdays tweets included Keen One @djkeenone who said, "What?? Fidel Castro is dead? I want to c footage of dna sample taken & tested from his body. & i want biggie back."

Mike @mikey7123 took it personally.

"Fidel Castro is may be dead or in a coma. I may have to take the day off to celebrate. His people killed my uncle, and almost my grandfather," he tweeted.

Others weren't surprised.

Val Prieto @BabaluVal tweeted, "Here we go again: rumor mill abuzz once again with fidel castro is dead or dying rumors."

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