Father reportedly watches as daughter, 10, killed by crocodile in Indonesia

A 10-year-old girl is believed to be dead after she was snatched by a crocodile in Indonesia as her father and brother looked on, the Jakarta Post reports.

The family had been hunting for turtles when the girl, Juraida, was dragged into the water by a crocodile, the newspaper reports.

"Juraida was seized when she was in about a half-meter of water at the river’s mouth,” Lembata Deputy Regent Viktor Mado Waton told the newspaper on Friday. "Her father and brother could only watch helplessly."

A rescue team sent to the scene of the incident found only a dress and a hair ribbon in the sand near the scene. Viktor said a similar incident had taken place at the end of last year, adding that the victim was never seen again.

Local residents said that they had seen several crocodiles sun-bathing at the river mouth a few days before the incident, the newspaper reports.

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