Father Creates X-rated Online Profile to Defame Son's Principal

A valley father is facing some pretty serious charges after he took to the Internet to get back at his son's assistant principal.

Police say he set up a fake profile on an x-rated website -- and the whole thing stemmed from a disagreement about an Apple iPod.

Robert Esparza Jr. could spend more than three years in jail for creating a fake online profile to harass someone.

He was found guilty and will be sentenced in two weeks.

This trial was over an adult website, nude photos, and an elaborate profile that looked like it belonged to a school assistant principal.

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"Unfortunately this could strike anyone," said County Attorney Bill Montgomery. "Going so far as to create an entire persona for that school official on an adult website."

Police say Esparza created the fake profile to get even with Gateway Pointe Assistant Principal Frank Henricsen. He thought Henricsen had taken his son's iPod and never gave it back.

Prosecutors say Esparza got so angry, he created the fake profile by taking pictures of Henricsen from the school's website. He also posted nude photos of body parts taken from Craigslist. Investigators say Esparza logged into the fake profile 25 times all to try and slander Henricsen.

The assistant principal found out about the website after he applied for another job. His new employer Googled his name and found the fake online profile. Henricsen called police.

MSCO's Computer Crimes Unit was able to track all of Esparza's moves. County Attorney Bill Montgomery says the jury's guilty verdict sends a strong message to anyone thinking of harassing someone online.

"It's probably is not a bad idea for individuals to Google their own name on the Internet and see what's out there," advised Montgomery.

Esparza's sentencing is June 5th. As for Henricsen, he was just promoted to principal at Gateway Pointe Elementary.

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