Ex-head of Hungary' swim federation denies murder case link

The former head of Hungary's swimming federation has firmly denied allegations he ordered the 1998 murder of a business rival.

Tamas Gyarfas has been in police custody since late Tuesday on suspicion of ordering the Feb. 11, 1998 killing of media mogul Janos Fenyo, who was fatally shot in his car in downtown Budapest.

Defense lawyer Janos Banati said Wednesday that Gyarfas has told police about his conflict with Fenyo as well as their later reconciliation.

Banati said Gyarfas gave "comprehensive and logical answers" to authorities' questions. More information is expected once Gyarfas' release or possible further arrest or detention is decided.

Gyarfas and Fenyo were both key players in the Hungarian media industry from around the time of Hungary's return to democracy in 1990.