EU's Mogherini met by pro-Russian chants in Serbian assembly

The European Union's foreign policy chief has urged Serbia to keep on course toward membership in the 28-nation bloc in a speech interrupted by pro-Russian chants by far-right lawmakers.

Federica Mogherini's 25-minute address on Friday was often overpowered by chants "Serbia, Russia we don't need the Union!" Some ultranationalist lawmakers held banners reading "Serbia doesn't trust Brussels" and banged on benches with their hands.

Mogherini told lawmakers that Serbia plays a key role in the Balkans and holds huge responsibility in maintaining regional peace.

She is on a tour of Western Balkans trying to reassure the region that the EU remains open for enlargement despite crisis in the 28-nation bloc.

Serbia is deeply split between those seeking pro-Western integration and those wanting close alliance with Russia.