Court: Poland violated human rights in allowing CIA to abuse terror suspects at 'black sites'

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Europe's top human rights court has ruled that Poland violated the European Convention on Human Rights by allowing the CIA to imprison two alleged terrorists on Polish soil.

The ruling says that Poland failed to stop the "torture and inhuman or degrading treatment" of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri and Abu Zubaydah, who were transported to Poland in 2002.

Lawyers for the men allege they were held at a CIA "black site" in northern Poland.

The case is the first time Europe's role in the CIA's "extraordinary rendition" of terror suspects has been considered by Europe's top rights court.

The court also faults Poland for failing to conduct an investigation into the matter

It ordered Poland to pay 100,000 euros ($135,000) to al-Nashiri and 130,000 euros to Zubaydah.