Congo government says 103 people killed in attacks on capital by supporters of rebel preacher

The Congo government says that 103 people were killed in a violent attack by rebels in the capital, Kinshasa.

Lambert Mende, Congo government spokesman, said Tuesday that said that the violence on Monday killed 95 attackers and eight members of the army.

The government said it has restored order at the state broadcasting offices and the N'djili airport.

The government said the attackers were supporters of Christian preacher Joseph Mukungubila, an unsuccessful candidate in the 2006 presidential election and who reportedly claims to be a prophet sent by God to end Kabila's rule.

The Congo government said it is searching for Mukungubila. Mongali Kubi, a follower of the preacher, told the Associated Press on the phone Tuesday that Mukungubila and his followers are being hunted by government forces.