Colombian Survivor Ran in the Jungle to Save his Life

As Colombians mourned the execution of four captives by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, there was an uplifting story to somewhat ease the pain -- Colombian police sergeant Luis Alberto Erazo, one of the longtime prisoners, ran for this life and survived.

The Colombian police sergeant said he stayed alive by running away from the leftist rebels who killed his four companions while the others ran toward the guerillas.

Erazo says the commander of his guerrilla captors had always told the five captives that if government troops surprised the group the rebels would protect them. But when a firefight broke out nearby on Saturday, Erazo turned and ran for the jungle.

Colombian officials say the other four captives were executed, three with shots to the head, the fourth with shots to the back.

The 48-year-old Erazo spoke in a radio interview Monday from a police hospital in the capital of Bogota where he is recovering.

Erazo had been held captive for 12 years.

Based on reporting by the Associated Press

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