China's Defense Ministry has accused the Pentagon of hyping Chinese military power and its threat to Taiwan in a depiction that will ultimately undermine ties between the two militaries.

The annual Pentagon report to Congress on China's military always draws strenuous objections from Beijing. This year's report — which outlined a Chinese military modernization effort that is gaining momentum — comes as both Washington and Beijing are encouraging their militaries to built trust and improve communications.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng said the Pentagon report exaggerates Chinese defense capabilities, falsely accuses China of launching cyber-attacks and plays up a military edge over rival Taiwan to boost U.S. weapon sales.

In remarks posted on the ministry's website on Monday, Geng said the Pentagon report is at odds with that effort.

"At the time when the relations between the two armies are on the rise, the U.S. stubbornly sticks to ways of casting doubts on and discrediting China," said Geng. He said China demands that the U.S. "stop making comments not conducive to China-U.S. relations and the mutual trust between the two armies."