Chilling Snapchat video shows victim of Orlando massacre reacting to first shots

One of the 49 victims of Omar Mateen – the gunman who opened fire at a crowded gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, early on Sunday – was recording the scene on Snapchat, and one of her videos from inside the club caught the beginning of the attack.

Amanda Alvear, 25, recorded herself with a group of male and female friends, laughing, drinking and dancing. The last clip is just Amanda’s face – confused, scared – while what sounds like a series of gunshots goes off in the background.

The Snapchat video was posted to Facebook by a friend who identifies himself as Stichs Nbc. “Found out through Snapchat my friend Amanda Alvear was there at Pulse last night,” he wrote on the post. “Tried calling and texting and still haven't gotten a reply.”

On Sunday, the City of Orlando identified Alvear, as one of the fatalities of the attack, which was allegedly inspired by ISIS ideology.

According to TMZ, Alvear’s sister posted a comment on the video post. "I'm so heartbroken,” she wrote. “You could make anyone's day with the smile of yours."

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