Castro Compares Obama to…Balthazar?

Fidel Castro compared President Barack Obama to one of the Three Kings “giving away spots in the Security Council of the United Nations – as if they were his to give” in an article published today in Cuban state media.

In an essay that was published Monday in both Cubadebate and Gramna, Castro cited European press reports that Obama had praised Japan as an ideal candidate for inclusion as a permanent member of the Security Council. He also noted that in his visit to India, Obama had promised to support India’s eventual inclusion.

Waxing sardonic, Castro asks if Brazil – in representation of 500 million Latin Americans – has received such a promise. Or Africa.

How much longer, Castro asks, does Obama think that he can “manipulate the world” by offering U.S. support to all sides?

Castro, 84, stepped down from power in 2006 for health reasons and was succeeded by his brother Raúl. He regularly uses state media to expound on world events.

Under both Castro brothers, Cuba has been regularly condemned for human rights abuses and the lack of democratic elections. The United States maintains a economic embargo of the island.

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