Canadian recycling plant workers find more than $100G stashed in TV set

Workers at a Canadian recycling plant were stunned last month when they found more than $100,000 sitting in the back of an old television set from the 1980s.

The television had been sent to the Global Electric Electronic Processing (GEEP) center in Barrie, Ont. about a year ago, according to the National Post.

The workers found money wrapped in $50 bills. The newspaper reported that the man who stashed the money in the back of the set more than 30 years ago was hiding the money from his parents. The man, who forgot about the money, had given it to a friend and that person gave it to the recycling center.

“It’s surprising how compact $100,000 is in fifties,” GEEP vice president of operations Lew Coffin told the National Post.

In an act of good faith, Barrie police tracked down the man responsible for putting the money in the television set. Police used banking records from 1985 to track down the owner. Police did not release his name, citing privacy concerns. The employees had no commitment to turn the money over.

“The whole company brand is built on security and integrity,” Coffin said. He added that cash has been found before in stereos, speakers and computers that go through the recycling plant.

Barrie police Constable Nicole Rodgers said the man was “relieved and ecstatic” when the money was returned.

“Hopefully he’s put it in a savings account now,” Rodgers told CTV News.

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