Burundi: 2 civilians killed in overnight grenade attacks blamed on police in the capital

Witnesses say two people have been killed in overnight attacks that they believe were carried out by Burundian police.

Witnesses in Jabe neighborhood in the nation's capital of Bujumbura, reported intense gunfire Saturday night in an apparent police crackdown on areas seen as hosting anti-government protesters.

Mohamed Masumbuko said his brother, Masumbuko Prime Abdul, was killed in a grenade attack, his "face completely shredded."

Another victim, Patrick Ndikumana, was first hit by a bullet but was killed in a subsequent grenade attack, according to witness Joshua Ngendakumana.

It was not immediately possible to get a comment from the police, who have previously blamed an escalation of violence on protesters opposed to a third term for President Pierre Nkurunziza.

Parliamentary elections are scheduled to take place Monday despite the violence.