Bullfighter gored in the groin, carried out of ring bleeding and screaming in pain

A bullfighter was forced to leave the ring in pain with his hands over his bleeding scrotum after he was gored in the groin.

Footage of the incident at a festival in Queretaro, Mexico, shows Luis David Adame getting tossed into the air like a ragdoll before limping away. A throng of workers carry him out the ring as a stream of blood flowed down his pants.

Adame, holding a red cape in one hand, was caught off guard when the bull quickly changed direction and struck him.

A doctor who looked at Adame’s injury after the event Saturday said he “suffered a large goring in the scrotum that tears the skin in 10 centimeters.”

“See you soon” Adame posted on Twitter Sunday in a message to his fans. He is currently in stable condition, according to several media reports.