Bosnia reopens reconstructed Sarajevo Library 22 years after Serb shelling destroyed it

Sarajevo has reopened its reconstructed National Library building 22 years after the city landmark was destroyed during the Bosnian war along with its almost 2 million books and manuscripts.

Friday's reopening comes in time for the June ceremonies marking the centenary of the assassination that ignited World War I.

City authorities plan to have the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra perform inside the building on June 28, marking 100 years since Austro-Hungarian Crown Prince Franz Ferdinand von Habsburg walked out of the building and was shot dead by young Serb Gavrilo Princip.

It took architects and builders 18 years to find documents and photos on the building's 19th-century pseudo-Moorish construction and put it back together the way it was before Serb shelling destroyed the landmark in 1992.