Four English-speaking tourists are in hot water for wearing “Borat”-inspired mankinis in the historic Polish city of Krakow last week.

Police said they are investigating the “indecent antics” of the four men who were caught on CCTV and by a photographer Friday as they walked around the picturesque Renaissance Market Square, before getting into a horse-drawn cab.

They were wearing lime green mankinis, similar to the kind worn by comic actor Sacha Baron Cohen in his fictional Kazakh alter ego, Borat.

Krakow province police spokesman Sebastian Glen said Thursday that foreign tourists, especially British ones, often cause disturbances when they travel to the historic city for stag parties.

This is not the first time that tourists sporting mankinis have caused a stir.

In November 2017, six Czech tourists were arrested in Kazakhstan for wearing nothing by mankinis while posing for photos.


Glen said if the tourists in Poland are convicted, they face up to 30 days in custody or fines of $1,300 each.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.