Bolivia: Senator's asylum bid embarrasses Morales

Bolivia's government says an opposition senator's highly publicized decision to seek exile in the Brazilian Embassy is meant to embarrass President Evo Morales ahead of next week's annual meeting of the Organization of American States.

The country's OAS ambassador, Diego Pari, calls the move by Sen. Roger Pinto part of an opposition smear campaign timed for the assembly that begins Sunday in the central Bolivian city of Cochabamba.

Pinto is from the lowlands state of Pando and heads a weak right-wing opposition in Bolivia's legislature.

He claims he's being politically persecuted, has received death threats and has evidence of government corruption. Pinto has provided no evidence, however, since entering the embassy Monday.

Bolivian prosecutors say Pinto is wanted on corruption charges.

Brazil has not yet decided on Pinto's asylum request.