At least 6 people killed in blast at upscale Pakistan market, report says

A blast in Pakistan left six people dead Thursday, Reuters reported, citing a local television station.

It’s unclear what caused the first explosion. But Reuters reported, citing a Pakistan official, the second explosion was caused by a tire blowout and not a bomb.

The first explosion occurred at an upscale restaurant in Lahore, Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said. He said the blast wounded at least 15 people.

Pakistan has been on edge over latest in a string of brazen suicide bombings and other attacks over the past two weeks that have killed more than 125 people.

The attacks have been claimed by an array of militant groups, including the Islamic State group and a splinter Taliban faction, and have prompted a countrywide crackdown on militants.

In just one bombing, which was claimed by the Islamic State and which targeted a revered Sufi shrine packed with Shiite worshippers, at least 90 people were killed.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.