Archbishop disavows predecessor's statements on sex abuse

Archbishop Savio Hon Tai-Fai, the temporary administrator appointed to Guam by the Vatican in early June, is disavowing the church from statements made by his predecessor, who is facing sexual abuse allegations.

In a news conference in Guam on Wednesday, Hon said former Archbishop Anthony Apuron's prior statements were not consistent the way the church approaches allegations of abuse. He said he recants and retracts all of Apuron's statements.

Apuron had called the accusations malicious and slanderous.

Three former altar boys and the mother of another have named Apuron in a $2 million lawsuit. Additional names were added in a revised lawsuit, which includes the church official Pope Francis recently appointed to take over the archdiocese after abuse allegations against Apuron resurfaced.

Apuron hasn't been charged with any crime and has denied abuse allegations.


This story corrects the spelling of Archbishop Anthony Apuron's name.