Amanda Knox's ex-boyfriend suing judges and jury over wrongful conviction

Raffaele Sollecito, the ex-boyfriend of Amanda Knox, is seeking $3 million in a lawsuit against prosecutors and jurors over his wrongful conviction for the murder of British exchange student Meredith Kercher in 2007.


Sollecito and Knox were convicted of stabbing Kercher to death in the apartment the two women shared in Italy, but the Supreme Court acquitted them in 2015. Prosecutors had claimed the group was engaged in a drug-fueled sex game gone very wrong.

When the couple was acquitted, the Supreme Court said that the murder investigation had been characterized by “culpable omissions” and “deplorable carelessness.”


Sollecito, 33, has said that the entire incarceration process has traumatized him and that for seven years, his life was kept on hold - almost four of those years were spent in prison. In addition, his family racked up more than $400,000 in debt.

An attempt to claim over $500,000 from the state for wrongful imprisonment in February was rejected by an appeals court in Florence. They ruled that Sollecito contributed to the judicial error by making untrue and contradicting statements during the investigation.

Sollecito plans to sue the nine prosecutors and judges who he says are “ruining his life” with a new law that tests the civil responsibility of magistrates. He is also looking to sue 12 jurors who ruled on the murder case in Perugia, Italy as well as the Florence appeal court jury.

Jurors can only be sued if their conduct is considered to be brutally unfair or malicious, The Times reports. A judge in Genoa was hearing arguments on Tuesday to decide whether jurors should be included in this lawsuit.

Sollecito believes there had been major investigative flaws during his case “and therefore there are precise responsibilities for the investigative phase.”