Agitated lawmaker disturbs last session of Poland's parliament before Oct. 25 elections

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An agitated lawmaker has disrupted the last session of Poland's parliament before the Oct. 25 general elections, forcing a recess.

On the first day of a two-day session Thursday, Jaroslaw Gromadzki took the floor to protest the barring of the party of a controversial businessman, Zbigniew Stonoga, from running in some constituencies because of insufficient support.

Gromadzki said that amounted to an "electoral fraud," called the lawmakers "thieves" and refused to leave the podium. A recess was called to allow the guards to lead him out.

Emotions are riding high in the electoral campaign as the ruling pro-business Civic Platform is being accused by opponents of corruption and arrogance. The party seems poised to lose power to the conservative opposition Law and Justice party.