African migrants, including 1 rescued at sea, hit it big in Spain's Christmas lottery

Spanish media reports say African migrants, including at least one rescued at sea from a rickety wooden boat, are among the top prize winners of Spain's Christmas lottery.

They bought the tickets in the southern coastal city of Roquetas de Mar, where more than 1,000 tickets worth 400,000 euros ($438,000) each were sold.

A Senegalese man named Ngame says he and his wife were saved by Spain's coast guard in 2007 when their overcrowded boat was traveling from Africa's western coast toward Spain's Canary Islands. Media reports did not give his last name.

Now he tells the Ondacero radio station that he's thanking Spain for saving his life and for giving him the opportunity to win the lottery.

The lottery agency owner that sold winning tickets told Thursday's La Voz de Almeria newspaper that about 35 African migrants won.