Afghan ' Hurt Locker' soldier detonates suicide bomber's vest

Compelling photos show a bomb disposal expert risking his life as he defuses the vest of a would-be suicide bomber after a failed attack in Afghanistan Sunday.

Sky News reports that the Afghan soldier—donned in a protective suit—managed to disarm the bomber, who had been tied up to prevent him from detonating the explosives attached to his vest.  Once the bomber was captured and the device removed, soldiers drove him away.

The incident—which occurred in Jalalabad—was reminiscent of the Oscar-winning film, “The Hurt Locker,” about a bomb disposal team working in Iraq.

Afghan security forces also prevented a suicide bombing in Kabul Monday when they shot another man attempting to set off explosives at the National Directorate of Security office.

Taliban rebels have increased attacks in Afghanistan recently, as the U.S. tries to revive stalled peace negotiations before 100,000 NATO troops exit the country in 2014.

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