2 Polish mountain climbers die in the Himalayas in India

Polish mountain climbing authorities says two members of a Polish team have died while scaling a Himalayan peak in India.

Polish Union of Alpinism said Lukasz Chrzanowski was killed Thursday during a rescue operation after he slid for some 300 meters and fell into a crevasse while trying to climb down.

The union says his climbing partner, Grzegorz Kukurowski, lost consciousness and then died on Tuesday as the two men were close to the top of Mt. Shivling, which rises some 6,543 meters high.

The union says Chrzanowski tried to climb down after an operation to rescue him using Indian police and Air Force helicopters failed, but he slid and fell into the crevasse.

Kukurowski and Chrzanowski were part of an 8-member Polish team attempting the climb.