Two Year Old Celebrates Birthday Thanks to Anonymous Good Samaritan

An adorable two year old is celebrating his birthday and there is plenty to celebrate. It is amazing that Little Jayden Davis is even alive. The story starts off on a day back in October 2009 when a woman was forced to swerve her car off the road into a tree then upside down into a creek, reports MyFoxDC.

"On our way to another call, coming down Temple Hills Road, when we saw a man just standing in the middle of the road very non-chalantly waving his arms," says Prince George's County Fire and EMS Capt. Dale Giampetroni.

She and her colleagues witnessed a car upside down in the water.

"Broke open the window - we were able to pull her out. We see that she wasn't breathing. As we were dragging her out of the water we see that she's pregnant," says Giampetroni.

Sade Davis had had a medical emergency that caused her to run off course and into the tree. When paramedics arrived, they found that she was had no pulse- and was pregnant.

"You shift modes and go ok. She's not breathing, but we gotta keep things going so we can keep this baby alive. We're working for both of them but that's what's going through our heads," says Giampetroni.

Vanessa Wansel was the charge nurse on duty the day Davis arrived at Southern Maryland Hospital Center.

"Just leaves, dry leaves and wet everywhere. It looked pretty scary, but we knew that we were gonna save her. No doubt," says Wansel.

Thankfully, Davis remembers none of it.

"That sounds terrifying, so I'm glad I don't remember any of it," says Davis.

However, Davis is often reminded of the event. That's because six weeks ago, Davis started working as a patient chart manager in the very same emergency room that helped save her.

"Once I came here to work everyone was like 'Oh, my, gosh. That was you? We didn't think you were going to make it'," says Davis.

"She actually went through something that most people can't even imagine, but she did it and she's very humble about it and for her to be a part of our emergency dept. now is a wonderful thing," says Eric McDonald, chairman of emergency medicine/MEP physician.

The area in the creek where Davis and her car were found is not visible from the road. So whoever the stranger is that flagged down the paramedic absolutely saved her life.

The police department has worked endlessly to find the man that was on the side of the road.

Whoever that man is, he has proved to Davis that she is truly blessed.

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