Latest in rock-throwing case: 3 teens to be tried as adults in Ohio teacher's maiming

4:40 p.m.

A Pennsylvania judge says three 18-year-olds facing charges in a rock-throwing incident that severely injured an Ohio teacher will be tried as adults.

Union County Judge Michael Sholley ruled Thursday against requests by the defendants, who wanted the cases moved to juvenile court because they were 17 when last year's attack occurred.

The judge says if not for modern medicine, the three would probably have been facing some sort of homicide charges instead of aggravated assault.

Ohio middle school teacher Sharon Budd suffered severe brain and other head injuries in the July attack. She was present in the courtroom for the daylong hearing.

A fourth defendant turned himself in this month to begin serving jail time even though the judge hasn't accepted his-no contest plea yet to a conspiracy charge.


2 p.m.

A Pennsylvania judge is hearing from mental health professionals about whether he should treat three young men accused in a rock-throwing incident that severely injured a woman as juveniles or adults.

Union County Judge Michael Sholley heard from a psychotherapist and two psychologists Thursday as defense attorneys argued their clients, 17 at the time of last year's ordeal, should be in juvenile court.

The three are accused of assault and other offenses for the incident that resulted in brain and other injuries to schoolteacher Sharon Budd, who traveled from her Ohio home to attend the pretrial proceedings.

A fourth defendant, who was 18 at the time of the attack, began serving jail time earlier this month even though Sholley hasn't yet accepted his no contest plea to a conspiracy charge.