Facebook CEO's rock wall at home sparks ire, but no action

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A Kauai neighborhood association isn't planning to do anything about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's rock wall that has some residents grumbling.

Kilauea Neighborhood Association President Yoshito L'Hote says the group has bigger issues to tackle.

Some neighbors have complained the wall looks daunting and that it blocks breezes and views. Lindsay Andrews, a spokeswoman for the billionaire's Kauai property operations, says the rock wall is designed to reduce highway and road noise.

L'Hote says there wasn't any time to devote meaningful discussion to the wall at the association's meeting on Tuesday night. He says there were more pressing issues such as a drug infestation, a rash of thefts and a planned shopping center.

By comparison, he says, the wall seems like a "small matter."