'Suspicious things' found at Los Angeles Airport checkpoint turn out to be WWII replica weapons

Police at the Los Angeles International Airport have determined that the "suspicious" items and firearms found in a truck at a lower-level checkpoint on Friday morning were replicas.

Police had initially set up traffic blockades to redirect vehicles after identifying the items shortly after 8:30 a.m., KTLA reported.

Police responding to the scene reportedly found a man in the vehicle with "multiple firearms," KNBC reported, as well as "other suspicious things."

A bomb squad was deployed to inspect the findings. Officials eventually determined the man to be a WWII enthusiast, who was carrying multiple replica weapons in his vehicle, KTLA reported.

Footage shot by witness Nathan Mendelsohn initially showed police blocking off entryways to the airport, including the area around Vicksburg Avenue and Century Boulevard, just east of the airport terminal.

Mendelsohn further reported seeing a bomb squad enter the airport, but could not comment on where they were headed. A later tweet from Mendelsohn appeared to show traffic moving normally at the airport.

The LAPD also confirmed that traffic was moving normally, and that police activity had concluded by around 9:45 a.m.