EasyJet passenger dragged off flight by cops for making a comment about ‘blowing the plane up’

A passenger was hauled off an EasyJet flight after passengers thought he threatened to blow up the plane.

The culprit told ground crew to "f**k off" when they asked him not to walk under the wing as he dashed to avoid the budget airline's queues.

After he was confronted he was heard saying, “what do you think I’m going to, blow up the plane?”

Cops boarded the plane and dragged the suspect off before quizzing him on the tarmac.

His luggage was taken off the Luton to Geneva flight and he was thrown out of the airport but not arrested.

"Everyone knows you don’t mention anything about bombs or blowing up planes at an airport."

— A source

Sniffer dogs checked the cabin as the captain joked, “Don’t worry folks the guy is there outside now. Does anyone not like dogs?"

A source said, "The suspect told the ground crew to 'f**k off' and was sticking his fingers up at them.

"He was on the stairs going to take his seat when he said something about blowing the plane up, the source said. "Everyone knows you don’t mention anything about bombs or blowing up planes at an airport.

“So they bundled him off," they added.

A witness said, “The pilot announced there had been a security incident and the flight was delayed. Cops came on the plane and pulled this Asian man off. They then seemed to question him on the tarmac."

“Police searched the hold then sent dogs onto the plane to go through the cabin," the witness continued. “Every passenger had to stand up so their seat could be checked. Everyone on the aircraft was really worried about. No-one knew what was going on."

“The pilot tried to make light of it with jokes, asking of everyone liked dogs," the witness added. “But when the plane eventually took off the atmosphere was tense to say the least.”

The packed flight EZY2051 had been due to leave London Luton Airport at 7:30 am.

It eventually took off at 8:17am - 47 minutes late.

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