Carrie Underwood salutes the troops aboard Carnival's largest ship

A week before Veteran's Day, country music superstar Carrie Underwood honored 700 military families with a private concert on board the Carnival Vista-- the line's largest ship.

Underwood, an ambassador for Carnival Cruise Line through their partnership with Operation Homefront, performed an hour-long set featuring hits from her "Storyteller Tour." The songstress says she's proud to be a part of the cruise line's effort to honor military family members and veterans. Plus, many had the opportunity to meet Underwood on the road.

"We did have a lot of families come out to see us when we were on the road and I got to meet a lot of them," Underwood told

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Though she's never been a cruise herself, Underwood says her in-laws have gotten to enjoy some time on the Vista-- and loved every minute of it. The problem? Underwood says she's just too busy to take real vacations but when it comes to her favorite person to travel with the answer is easy-- it’s her husband Mike Fisher.

“We don't get to take too many vacations because both of our schedules are just crazy but we try to take little mini ones here and there.”

She might not be on vacation, but Underwood is always on the road and has several items she'll never leave home without. “I bring snacks," she says. “I'm like a total mom, that in my backpack I have snacks, and I have sunscreen, I have just everything that you could possibly need in my bag.”

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Underwood also takes a piece of home with her on tour, singing along to one song in particular while playing a slideshow of family photos.  “It's just nice for me to be able to just see my husband because I don't really get to see him too often when we're on the road.” She adds that it’s a sweet moment she gets to share something so personal with the audience.

But by the time the holidays roll around, Underwood says she has to pump to breaks on her jam-packed schedule to make time for family.

“Our son Isiah...he's gonna enjoy Christmas this year because he'll be able to open presents and kind of understand what's going on and get toys and get to play with things and get to see his cousins, so it is important to be able to have a little bit of time.”