Will new Dell tablets and laptops win over users?

Technology giant Dell unveiled their new line of tablets and laptops this week. The company is looking to develop the next generation of devices. The new line of Venue tablets offers  users more flexibility and choice that you can easily connect and share with your co-workers, family, and friends.

Neil Hand, Vice President of Dell Tablet & Performance PC Group, told Foxnews.com LIVE’s Adam Housley their new models look to address the changing way people live and work today.

"It’s a really important market [tablets] and one that’s growing rapidly...”

— Neil Hand

“We really like to do things differently, change markets and great opportunity for us to do it” said Hand. “Over 30 years the company has been in business we have often changed…it’s a really important market [tablets] and one that’s growing rapidly.”

With the Venue 7 and Venue 8 Tablets Dell is introducing devices that they believe are affordable yet offer many features for users. Prices start at $149.99 for the Venue 7 with the Venue 8 beginning at $199.99.

The company focused on the size of the devices during development.  The result - a tablet weighing less than a pound which fits easy in your hand and gives users easy storage while on the go.

Another tablet being rolled out by Dell is the Venue 8 Pro. “It’s a full windows tablet in an 8 inch package that’s only 9 millimeters thin and weighs less than ¾ of a pound,” said Hand. “It has all the performance of being able to run full desktop applications” on the tablet.

Venue 8 Pro also has the options for an active stylus and wireless keyboard options to allow you to work in any way you like. The price for the tablet starts at $299.99.

One complaint tablet users have had in the past is limited storage space on their devices. Dell is looking to overcome this problem.

“It will have a USB [port], they have all have expansion for memory,” said Hand. “We have the ability to put SD [secure digital memory] cards in so you can extend capacity.”

Dell has also released the Venue 11 Pro which they see as the ultimate 2-in-1 device. They claim it allows users to have the power of an Ultrabook with the performance of a desktop in a tablet.  “It has 10.8 inch display, it’s the largest display you can get in a tablet,” said Hand.

The tablet can snap into a full-sized keyboard and has a desktop dock option to make your work easier to do. Venue 11 Pro also works with the “travel keyboard” which gives users “17 hours or more of battery life.”

Venue 11 Pro price starts at $499.99 and weighs in at least one and half pounds.

To find out more about the tablets consumers can check out www.dell.com