Stop robocalls and cellphone spam calls

Q. I heard you mention a way to stop robocalls on your national radio show. I was unable to write it down at the time. Help! I am so tired of these calls!

A. The service I spoke of is called Nomorobo. It lets the phone ring once, and then it identifies the caller. If the caller is a robot telemarketer, it automatically hangs up for you. It also blocks robotic calls people report as illegal, so you won't miss a doctor's appointment reminder, work call or weather alert. If you’re looking to identify unknown numbers and block spam calls on your Apple, Android or Windows phone, click here for an app that really works.

How to share your Wi-Fi without giving guests your password

Q. My undisciplined grandson is spending time with me over the summer. My Wi-Fi password is the same as my Windows login password. I don’t want him to have the password. Is there a way that I can let him use the Wi-Fi network on his phone without me giving him the password?

A. There is an innovative solution. You can give him a QR Code that he will scan with his phone. It's a secure shortcut with your password hidden inside it. Basically, he will scan the QR Code instead of typing in your password to access the Wi-Fi network. It’s pretty easy when you know how. Click here for the instructions and the links you need.

Find the exact location of any phone

Q. I am curious how apps know where I am located. Is it only through my phone’s GPS? I turn off my phone’s GPS and the apps still know!

A. Your cell provider has another way of tracking your location, and anyone can get that information for a price, even if you use a cellphone that isn't smart. The way your cell provider tracks you is through cellular towers. It knows what towers are in range of your phone and where the towers are located. The accuracy depends on the provider and how many towers are nearby. Click here to try a site where you can see where any phone is located using the same service carriers and app developers use.

Shorten links like a pro on Twitter

Q. I always see links to websites that are shortened on Twitter. How do you to that? It sure would save space on my Tweets!

A. To create this link, you can use a free link shortening site called Bitly.com. With Bitly, you simply paste your link into the shortener, and a shorter link will be generated in seconds. You can also create a free account to keep track of each shortened link you create. This is beneficial because Bitly then tracks the traffic, and you can see how many people clicked your link. Other services like Bitly include Ow.ly and Google's URL shortener. For more tips, take a few seconds to follow me at @KimKomando.

Searches to use to score deals on Craigslist

Q. You were talking about using Craigslist on a recent TV appearance. I was most interested in the words to use to score the best deals. Can you please tell me what the words are?

A. Simply searching for “couch” or “TV” won’t always find the best deal. You really want to use specific keywords that people use in their ads when they're getting rid of items at a serious discount. Examples include “hurry,” “moving,” “divorce,” “everything must go.” One particular phrase that also seems to work is “Wife hates it.”

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