Simon Cowell and search for the next Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs' passing has left the world without a guru-like figure who can get the world talking about tech, albeit Apple tech.

Tim Cook is stage-shy, Bill Gates is no longer the force he once was (he appears to be more interested in finding ways to save the world) and Mark Zuckerberg is too caught up in the Facebook IPO debacle.


Step forward and Simon Cowell, who believe they can stir tech passions with an The X Factor-style show.

According to The Sun, said the two were working on a project to find the next Jobs.

"We're working on a project called X Factor for Tech, and it's going to be out of this world."

"Singing and performance create a couple of jobs. But this will create lots.

"It's about getting in touch with youth and giving them a platform to express themselves, whether that’s in science or mathematics."

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