Mind Control: World's first 3D printed object created using brain waves

[youtube R6uXYxhGVWI]

A Chilean tech company has laid claim to creating the first physical object using the power of the mind.

George Lakowsky, the Chief Technical Officer for Thinker Thing, a self-described “creative group” successfully created the object using a brain-computer interface headset according to technology blog neurogadget.com.

Lakaowsky was able to use the interface to form a 3-D shape using his thoughts which were sent to a 3-D printer for fabrication of the object- a cluster of polygons that resemble the arm of a toy robot.

“Whilst the first object George created was very simple it’s a breakthrough of epic proportions in our project,” Thinker Things founder Bryan Salt said in an interview with the blog.

“George was able to control an evolutionary process that grows a 3D object using the small electrical impulses detectable in the brain. This evolving model is created in a form that can be read by the latest 3D printers, which allows us to create real physical objects directed by your mind,” he added.

The government funded Thinker Thing is also launching a project that will principles of science, art, and engineering to young children in some of the most remote regions of Chile using the new technology.

Children from these regions will use the interface to create “fantastical creatures of the mind” which will later be put on display.

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