iPhone Owners Report Even Worse Battery Life With iOS 5.0.1

Apple on Thursday released an update to iOS 5 that addressed issues many users were having with poor battery performance.

The Cupertino, California-based company had been testing the solution for some time, even uncharacteristically reaching out to affected end-users and having them install the potential fix to test its effectiveness. Despite Apple’s determination that iOS 5.0.1 resolved issues related to battery life, however, not all users are finding that to be the case. Read on for more.

“After upgrading to 5.0.1 my iPhone is draining the battery even faster,” one user posted to Apple’s support forum. A number of other iPhone owners have taken to Apple’s forum to complain that instead of improving their battery life, iOS 5.0.1 has actually exacerbated the issue. Numerous threads can be found on Apple’s website and on other forums around the web, and some users claim to lose as much as 50% of a charge in two hours or less. Apple has not publicly addressed users’ complaints.

Apple released iOS 5 on October 12th and reports of significantly decreased battery life surfaced almost immediately. BGR has independently tested a number of handsets and while battery life does seem less impressive than it was with iOS 4, we have not found performance to be nearly as bad as many reports indicate.

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