In Your FaceTime, AT&T: All Verizon Wireless iPhone 5 Plans Include Video Chat

When AT&T decided to limit iOS 6's FaceTime over cellular to customers with a Mobile Share data plan, concerned Apple enthusiasts wondered if the move would encourage other networks to place artificial limitations on the iPhone and iPad's video chat functionality as well. The iPhone 5 is here and the answer is in: neither Verizon Wireless nor Sprint plan to place restrictions on FaceTime's native mobile capabilities, Ars Technica reports.

The announcements shouldn't come as a surprise. Sprint's entire iPhone advertising campaign revolves around "Truly Unlimited" data and asking "Why would anyone want to limit the iPhone?" Verizon Wireless, on the other hand, agreed not to limit application access when it purchased the C-Block spectrum that acts as the backbone of its 4G LTE network, and the company recently landed in hot water with the FCC for doing just that with tethering apps. Verizon Wireless only offers shared data plans to new customers, however, while AT&T offers both shared and individual data plans.

Although AT&T stands alone in placing limitations on FaceTime over Cellular, it still offers some advantages over the other carriers when you're choosing which network to call home -- especially if you're still grandfathered in to an unlimited data plan. If you want to shop smart, check out our examination of which carrier offers the best value for the iPhone 5.