Hands-On: Children's and Comic Books Come to Kindle Apps for iOS and Android

Kindle for iPad, Kindle Cloud Reader and Kindle for Android got updated today to support more than 1,000 children's books, comics and graphic novels. These titles, including "Green Lantern Rebirth" and "Art & Max" by David Wisner, appear in full color, just as has been found on the Kindle Fire previously.

So now kids of all ages get an amplified reading experienced with awesome images, fixed layouts and Kindle Text Pop-Up (on supported titles) so they can make text bigger. Comics and graphic novels appear in Kindle Panel View (on supported titles), so you can swipe through, panel by panel. During our hands-on time with "Green Lantern Rebirth" on Kindle for iOS, we found the graphic novel navigated very much like ComiXology where you double tap to open text areas. Single taps on the edges moves the story forward or back. Oddly, for the graphic novel there is no landscape mode.

In the children's book "Art & Max" the navigation progressed you through the story in the same way with double tapping the screen creating pop-ups of zoomed in text for easier reading. However, there is no portrait mode in either of the two kid's books we read. In all of the graphically-compelling books we flipped through, we were initially surprised by  the several pages of introduction and title pages. It was a bit tedious to go through, but is not unlike entering a traditional paper book.

Rounding out the feature list for the new Kindle for iOS updates is an integrated a library search by title and author, and margins have been minimized to amplify the reading experience. Kindle for Android and Kindle Cloud Reader has integrated two-page view for widescreen viewing.

In March, e-book competitor Barnes & Noble made their Nook Comics available via their Android app for tablets.