Goal Zero Delivers Hurricane Sandy Aid to the East Coast

Although power is back on south of 40th Street in Manhattan where blackouts dominated the city since last week, Hurricane Sandy's aftermath is far from over. Hundreds of families along the East Coast remain without power, gas or even homes and restoring the East Coast to its former state will take months, not to mention billions of dollars. Goal Zero has found a way to pitch in, assembling portable power kits that power everything from cellphones to emergency lights to health machines.

Goal Zero sent out supplies from its warehouses to those in need in the New Jersey and New York areas, then decided to match sales from participating retailers and its online store, and sent that out in relief aid. Its "Buy One, Give One Sandy Relief Program" will run from November 1 to 15, and those who want to help simply have to purchase something from Goal Zero. Their purchase will then be matched by the company and donated to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in the form of portable solar-power solutions.