Five essential gadgets for a camping trip

There’s nothing more invigorating than saying goodbye to civilization and venturing into the wild.

But any seasoned camper knows that with no running water or electricity, reconnecting with nature can also have its drawbacks. Thankfully, a few cutting edge gadgets can provide outdoor adventurers with many of the comforts of home, without ruining the natural experience. Here are five gadgets that are sure to revolutionize your camping experience.

GPS Oregon Garmin 550t
For many campers, navigating remote outdoor terrain can be a tricky affair. If map-reading isn’t your forte, consider picking up the GPS Oregon Garmin 550t. This portable device makes traversing rugged terrain a breeze, with preloaded U.S. topographical maps, high-sensitivity GPS, as well as a three-axis compass and altimeter.

What’s more, the sturdy and waterproof outer shell gives you added peace of mind while deep in the wilderness. But the most appealing feature of the Oregon 550t is its 3.2-megapixel camera, which can be used to capture memories while on the trail.

FreeLoader Pro Solar Charger
While campers seek to reconnect with nature, many cannot leave their portable electrical devices behind. For technophiles in the great outdoors, there’s the highly convenient FreeLoader Pro Solar Charger. This clever contraption harnesses the power of the sun’s rays to quickly recharge a wide variety of electrical devices, including cellphones and tablet computers. Charging up the FreeLoader Pro takes about seven to nine hours in sunny conditions and, once charged, it can recharge most cellphones in roughly one-and-a-half hours.

The LightCap 300
A light source is essential for any after-dark camping adventures, but lugging a hefty flashlight around can be cumbersome. The LightCap 300 is a tiny solar-powered device that can be attached to the top of a water bottle to create an easy-to-carry illuminated lantern. The bottle itself is large, light and BPA-free, with a wide mouth, making it a perfect waterproof storage space.

Gelert Solar Shower
As revitalizing as a camping experience can be, by the third day without a shower, the great outdoors can begin to lose its appeal. But now there’s a gadget that can help you feel fresh every day of your trip, without having to stay in a campsite or head for the nearest hotel.

The Gelert Solar Shower is a five-gallon refillable water tank that allows campers to enjoy the pleasure of a hot shower while camping. Simply fill the bag with water and leave it in the sun for a few hours to heat up. Once it’s hot, tie it to the nearest tree for eight minutes of watery bliss.

Emerson Cordless Bug Zapper
If bothersome bugs tend to ruin your camping experience, you should consider investing in the Emerson Cordless Bug Zapper. This handy device will attract and kill any pesky bugs buzzing inside or outside your tent. This bug zapper is fully portable and comes with a rechargeable battery. A handy removable tray means that it’s also extremely easy to clean.