Cool gadgets you might like

Adam Housley takes a look at four new gadgets you should be on the lookout for in the coming months.

Bose QC20 Earbuds   $299.95:

Bringing Bose’s sound quality to a compact package, the QC20s are the first in-ear headphones that are also noise cancelling.  In addition to traditional full-on noise reduction technology, these earbuds also come equipped with Aware mode.  For moments that you don’t want to entirely be cut off from the outside world (crossing the street, waiting for airline gate announcements, etc) Aware mode is the ideal setting.  Just press a button, and without removing your headphones you are back in touch with the sounds around you all while your music keeps playing and you still can experience some noise cancellation.  The QC20s come complete with a built-in microphone and battery recharge as well as complete control of your music right from your finger-tips.

VTech Safe & Sound   $129.99:

For parents with newborns who aren’t content with simply listening in on their baby, VTech introduces the Safe & Sound a full color video and audio monitor.  The Safe & Sound allows you to simply push a button and talk with your child from the comfort of another room.  This device comes complete with an adjustable camera lens, the ability to mount it on the wall and a vibration sound alert.  The parent unit boasts a high-resolution 2.8 inch color LCD screen and the ability to connect up to 4 different baby units.  The VTech Safe & Sound allows parents to enjoy peace of mind knowing that their baby is calm and comfortable.

Outdoor Tech Bluetooth Helmet Audio   $129.95:

This next device is a Bluetooth wireless audio system designed for use in ski and snowboard helmets.  Called the Chips, they are designed to work in temperatures up to -20 degrees Celsius, has a range of 32 feet from the device itself and is compatible with almost every single kind of helmet liner you might have and is complete with Hi-Fi sound, a built in microphone.  Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Chips audio system is the big control button located right on the device.  This feature allows you to fully control the device without ever having to take off your gloves, a feature ideal for colder temperatures where taking off your gloves is something that should be avoided.

Any Glove   $19.99:

Operating smart phones in colder temperatures can often be a hassle.  While there are touch screen sensitive gloves on the market, they can sometimes be poor fitting, thin material that don’t keep your hands warm and can even stop working after heavy use or regular laundering.  For times when you would rather not remove your gloves yet still want to use your phone there is Any Glove.  This product, while not a gadget per say, is applied to your gloves’ fingertips and allows those fingers to be sensed by touch screen devices.  Any Glove works on virtually any material – fleece, knit, nylon, leather, and synthetic leather.