The Army is massively revving up deployment of RPG-killing Active Protection Systems weapons on Abrams battle tanks to Europe as part of a sweeping effort to better arm its Armored Brigade Combat Teams and counter Russian threats in the region.

Active Protection Systems (APS) use sensors and radar, computer processing, fire control technology and interceptors to find, target and knock down or intercept incoming enemy fire such as RPGs and Anti-Tank Guided Missiles, or ATGMs.

The APS system now on Abrams tanks, called Trophy, is engineered to track and destroy approaching enemy fire through 360-degree radar and computer-enabled fire control technology designed to fire out an interceptor projectile to hit and explode attacking RPGs.

“Not only will we be fielding one set of Trophy on Abrams tanks to Europe, but also three other brigades,” Maj. Gen. John Ferrari, Director, Program Analysis and Evaluation, G-8, told Warrior Maven in an interview.

The weapons plus-up for Europe-bound APS is woven into the 2019 budget request, he added.

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