The photo editing app Instagram has given people around the world the ability to take beautiful photographs and share them with the world. You no longer need to be a professional to take professional looking pictures.

FoxNews.com spoke to one popular Instagrammer to find out how anyone can take professional-looking photographs on Instagram.

1. Instagraphy is still photography


(Liz Eswein/Instagram.com/newyorkcity)

Just because you're taking photos on your phone and not a camera, does not mean the rules of photography don't apply.

"There's not much of a difference between [a camera and smartphone] in terms of capturing an image," Mobile Media Lab co-founder Liz Eswein told FoxNews.com. "I don't think it's the tool you use, it's the eye you have."

Eswein, who has racked up an impressive 954,775 and counting followers on her Instagram account, takes the time to think through her next photo before hitting click.

"Sometimes I'll try and really think about a shot and position it correctly," she says. "And other times I'll kind of stick my hand out of a cab to take a shot and get lucky."

Eswein, who has only taken one photography class suggests light, depth and angle are all things to consider when taking a photograph.

Think darker figures against lighter backgrounds.

2. It's a square, square world out there


(Liz Eswein/Instagram.com/newyorkcity)

Instagram photos are cropped into a 612px X 612px square. This is definitely something to consider when taking your photographs.

Panoramic views for example, are not generally supported by the app. However, there are apps and tricks for letting you upload a non-square shaped pictures if you must.

3. Apps on apps


(https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/snapseed/id439438619?mt=8 Snapseed/Nik Software, Inc.)

Eswein and many other Instagram users use additional apps to edit their photos.

Eswein is a fan of Afterlight and Snapseed which allow users to add an extra level of professional editing before sharing their photos with friends.

4. Know your filters


(Liz Eswein/Instagram.com/newyorkcity)

Instagram has a total of 19 filters (not including original) and each one adds a different feel to your photo.

Eswein's favorite filter is "Rise," but which filter you pick depends on what you're photographing.

One of the more popular items to photograph on Instagram is food. Experts suggest taking food photos under natural light and avoid using the Sepia filter at all costs.

But the most important filtering tip to remember is don't over do it!

5. Selfies out


(Liz Eswein/Instagram.com/newyorkcity)

Subject matters. No one wants to see pictures of manicure or new pair of shoes.

Eswein recommends picking a subject that people care about and sticking to it. Her account @NewYorkCity focuses on the Big Apple and rarely strays.

"I think people are drawn to New York City and I obviously love it as well," she said. "I never focus my account on myself at all. There are very few inklings of myself on the account."

That means selfies are out. When Eswein does include herself in her photographs, she is not the center of attention but rather she has found a way to incorporate herself into the picture in a thoughtful way.

Happy snapping!